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look at the stars...how they shine for you....everything you do... [20 May 2005|11:51pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I just need SOMETHING. I'm gonna be in The Plain Dealer this week, with my picture. Better not fuck it up. I took some shitty pictures but whatever:

Finally the NUDES have arrivedCollapse )

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fucking around. [20 Apr 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Instead of my usual people having sex with whips, I decided to create this masterpiece with a park background. I wish I could like completely get naked and have sex at the local park.

That pink thing is SUPPOSED to be a fucking dog, OKAY!? It can pass as a lizard...


If anyone wants me to make more artwork I'd be happy to.

On another note: Phil Collins can't read or write a note of music. I read it in a validated book.

My heart is fucked up. It's under the average 60 bmp. I rollerblading even though I'm not supposed to, and I felt like I was going to die.

I officially like The Donnas.

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hands built america were destroyed by fucking niggers [10 Apr 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I have a stuffed beanie named Zeus. I've made the decision to "put him to rest" because I'm so goddamn sick of it pissing on the bed. Funerals will be held throughout the week.

I'm going to bury him next to my dead Chia Pet I burried about a year ago, his name way Hyperbole. I forget what KIND of Chia he was, I think it was a face.


I'm a true artist at heart.





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Solitare Kicks Ass [03 Sep 2004|11:11pm]

School has began. -sigh- Joy only a hundred and something more days left...

I came home from school so fucking tired since I got about 4 hours of sleep took a wonderful 3 and a half hour nap. It would have DEFINATELY been way longer, but my fucking loser step dad had to play his lame music VERY loud right beneath my bedroom. ((I love my sleep))

Then Paul came over for a bit....the awesome black eye I gave him from the last visit was still there. Hehe. Don't mess with me, or I'll kick your ass...((even though im very skinny, have no muscle, and I'm only about 5' 7''...I'll knock you down))

He was strangling me today, and slowly moved me down the stairs while his arm was wrapped hard against my throat..we passed my mommy. I'm like, "Look mommy he killing me!" While smiling gladly ((which I always tend to smile while getting strangled))

I've been playing solitare a lot lately. It's a VERY addicting game, well again so is Operation...you just tend to go INSANELY mad when you lose an force yourself to beat the bitch.

Well, anyways, Paul left. I fell asleep AGAIN for like 2 hours. This time I woke up with Nicole ((my sister)) opening my door...I thought it was Morgan ((my other evil sister)). I look at my alarm clock and it says 12:50. I start freaking out I'm like OH SHIT I'm late for school! Geez its a Friday night and I've already gone insane.

I learned something today: I can't order going through the drive through. My parental unit and sister wrote they wanted "2 chicken sand." ..I said "2 chicken salads"...then Pauls like "its sanwhiches"..I'm like OH SHIT, then I go to order again, and then I say "oh I mean 2 chicken salads" Geez I fucked it up twice. Same mistake but at least they ended up giving us sandwhiches.

Paul told me to check out if the orders right, I check it out and make sure we got sandwhiches ((which we did))..when we got home I was wrong. They forgot his french fried.

I guess today was an interesting day of being totally in a daze.

I guess I better go before I fuck up anything else today...

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weeeeeeeee wooooooooo [25 Aug 2004|12:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Last official day of summer...Thought a lot about it...I'm glad I mostly spent it with Paul and Marie...

Oh and I want everyone to see my awesome pics I made a little while ago:


((Walmart is a good store.))




((Zeus is an awesome stuffed beanie turtle, he rules. all.))




((Check out with smiley and hearts, we all know who this was made for))




((Need to say much about why I made this?))



Oh, and Exorcist - good movie ((lots of GORE!))

I want to just skip High School years and start college already. Time can go so slow and fast at the same time. ((If you think about it, you'll get it))

As Billy Madison said, "Shampoo is better! I go on first and clean the hair! Conditioner is better! I make the hair silky and smooth!

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Hakuna Matata [07 Aug 2004|12:20am]
[ mood | okay ]

I don't know why, but I have actually been learning chess...I suck. Really bad, but fuck that I am learning ok?

Today was an interesting day. I went to the rec center with Sara, Alex and Jeff...we all went swimming in the cold deep end and this HUGE GIGANTIC FAT black kid comes a jumps RIGHT near us. It made me sad...and I ended up not going back to that area. If that fat kid wants it so much, he can have. I also went in the sauna and steam room. The saunas not THAT bad..but god the fucking steam room is just made for huge fat people trying to sweat their fat rolls off.

What the FUCK is with FAT KIDS these days.

Fuck them with their fucking McDonalds food.

Moving on from fat chunky kids...

One day last week I spent the night at Maries, she was downstairs and I was in her room. It was like 6 in the morning and I was watching The Ring...I got SO scared I had to call Marie to come up and watch it with me. All I have to say is that it was at the worst part in pitch black and little me alll alone...

School is coming up soon...I am actually going to put EFFORT into this lovely school year. But I probably should start going to bed at a decent hour....other than staying up till 5 in the morning and sleeping in till like 2.

I love my bologna sandwiches with mayo. I have yet to find a single black person who likes mayonnaise. I truly despise mustard, a lot. Nothing beats a nice bologna sandwich with Dr. Pepper. Maybe food is the answer to peoples problems...maybe that's why their are so many chunkity people in this world.

I can't wait till high school ENDS. People say it goes by pretty fast...I sure hope so...

Just remember: "You can't rape the willing" and "INCEST: a game the WHOLE family can play"

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[29 Jul 2004|04:13pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

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[08 Jul 2004|06:01pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Heres my awesome sight that I created for my aim profile - http://www.aimprofiles.com/profile.php?string=born2bwild4u89&sn=%n&b=c

Normally, I'm sure none of you give a flying fuck but hey its got pages of, "25 ways to orgasm" ((with complete details for people who get pleasure for reading things like that)), "10 Commandments of Revenge" ((never know when that shit comes in handy)) ... Anyways if you interested you can check it out.

I had McDonalds food. :) Yummy delicious greasy hot fries, yummy animal fatty nuggets...mmmmm....God I would like to work there, I shall apply sometime maybe or I may try Sbarros...either way I can bring home some good food.

I have been on the computer a lot, and not eating whole meals. My mom is being nice today shes throwing me a bone. She's letting Paul stop by for a little bit later AND she got me my McDonalds food.

I leave Saturday which is in TWO days. Actually not even quite 2 whole days since we're leaving like 6 in the morning. I live in Ohio, and my father is taking me and my sister, minding you he's DRIVING, ALL the way to Myrtle Beach. This is going to be a LONG drive. And it's sad because I lost my cds...I guess I will just SING all the way :)

I'll only be gone for a week...so don't try to miss me too much...

Being grounded isn't THAT bad I've realized, the only negetive things are lonelyness and boredom. I mean, you have ALL the free time to do anything you want such as making a fucking ass of yourself while no one is around, and you have NOTHING you really...HAVE to do...

Oh God I just want my social life back! ... I miss watching the videos of Clone HIgh every night with Marie...and going around to fast food drive thrus with Paul and watching him recieve his food with his beautiful blue eyes glowing with his LOUD "OoOoOo YES!!!!!!" and just laughing...

Instead I am here talking to people online informing them how I talk to people on the phone while I'm in the shower naked pretty frequently.

NOW with my life I have slightly improved from watching Mars Attacks to talking to stuff animals...they are VERY good listeners ..let me tell ya...

Oh, and everybody should know that I took Zeus out of the plastic bag I put him into 2 days ago. I took him out and fell asleep next to him, but he was ignoring me so I just threw him back into the bag. ((If anyone has noticed, Zeus is a green sea beanie turtle..which is kinda sad knowing I talk to objects that aren't even really alive))

Well, everyone has their insanity moments. I'm positively sure you reading this right now is probably thinking of something pathetic you've done and smiling about it...

Ooh and heres the Clone High link: http://www.petitiononline.com/clnehigh/petition.html
((I commented I would put it up for someone..it's a protest to bring the show back))

Have a nice life. You insane child.

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Blow up the chicken man [06 Jul 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]


My morning started off by waking up in a t-shirt and underwear wondering where the hell my pants are. I also noticed that next to me was Zeus the awesome turtle thats similar to the left turtle of this background, and I guess I just fell asleep eating graham crackers with chocolate frosting. MmMmM ((It's VERY delicious!))

Hmmm a LOT of shit just actually got into my head like...reality just hit me. Have you ever had that feeling where at the time everything seems so awesome and fun taking the chances you did but then like later your thinking what the FUCK was wrong with me!?

Usually crazy people don't think they are crazy, but assume that everybody else around them are the crazy ones. The non-crazy people may think they are crazy, but in reality they are aren't because the crazy people NEVER will EVER admit they are crazy because they don't think they are.

I finally got to watch my Jerry Springer today. Even though the episodes are tending to decline in amusement I really enjoyed todays episode. It consisted of people becoming prostitutes. I thoroughly loved how the people were cheating on their lovers after being with them for at least like five years, and then claiming that their lovers can't accept them for WHO the TRULY are. But if they haven't really fucked up their education in their youth years and actually decided to do something with their lives, maybe prostitution wouldn't have become who they "truly" are. Being a prostitute really isn't WHO you technically are, its more of what you do to make a living. The prostitutes are really the ones who aren't doing anything with their lives, just making money by having sex with god knows who. It's their true lovers who are doing something with their lives by have decent jobs, sure they may not be as much money as prostituting but i mean at least they aren't selling their bodies out to be abused and taking the gigantic risks of STD's which will ruin their lives.

Maybe I think too much of that show, usually I just watch the audience insult the huge chunky people which is very pleasing.

Me and Brett are gonna go to that show someday when we're 18, and we're SO gonna get our fucking Jerry Beads!!

If ANY of you are my friends NEVER EVER EVER EVER let me get ANY bad grades anymore in school, especially you Marie. Especially since me and are going to go to good colleges and get the hell out of here as soon as we can! ((So we can go on road trips to visit you know who -wink-wink-)) ...Getting into a good college so then I definately won't end up being a prostitute going on Jerry Springer and telling the man I love that I can't love them because prostitution has becomg my LIFE.

Oh, and think everyone should know my orange cat Negro came back. My pathetic parental units put up lame missing signs and some dude returned the little bastard. Which is kinda funny because when I was missing they didn't bother doing shit.

I feel like I am Charlie, and I lost my chocolate factory by drinking magical juice floating to the air and burping my way down. Which would technically be my grandpas fault for talking me into it. But at least I didn't get blown up into a huge ball and get rolled away, or take a nice refreshing dip into a river of chocolate milk, or end up being a bad golden egg. The worst of all was my buddy who shrunk into a small little action figure.

And I'm pretty sure I didn't get that job a Coldstone, which is ok because I know I probably would have gotten pretty annoyed of smiling, dancing, and singing all the fucking time. I guess I'll just have to try McDonalds so I can bring home some delicious cheesey burgers to my loving boyfriend, who will just end up staying with me for McDonalds food. I hope though, he doesn't get fat off eating cheese burgers. Then I would just break up with him, and find another skinny weak nerd to date until he becomes fat. It would become an endless tragedy. ((I'm just playing with you, your not weak considering you've almost killed me many times, I have the bruises, scraps, and scars.))

My life shouldn't even be toasted to drinking root beer anymore. I'm not even doing ANYTHING with my life, not even watching Mars Attacks. I did though yesterday burn a bag of popcorn that made me sad knowing I could have made good tasting food. I have no one to make food for anymore, so when I'm ungrounded I'll just have to learn how to make burger patties from the freezer ALL over again.

My only friends are Zeus, Trix, and Lucky. Even Zeus has been avoiding and ignoring me lately...

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day 2 of groundation [05 Jul 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | bored ]

This is going to be my life for the next 12 days...sleep, food, and music.

Saturday really sucked ass. even at one in the morning ((or later). Marie and I snuck out to go to this kids house ((which I won't mention who because its kinda of a shame and I wouldn't like it if people thought I was friends with him)) but yeah we got so fucking busted. I especially loved the fact that they locked us out of my house and Tom appeared opening the door as we tried running away to hide, but he saw us. Just as he let us in...he told me to look at the note my mom left me..((this is THE best part))

this note said: "Katie - You are SO busted, and in BIG trouble" ..then later that morning she told me my life is over. Ha.Ha.Ha.

So, I got stuck going to Tiffan listening to Tom's family and their pathetic kids. One of them, named Nick, named his shoes Shelby and Shelbert and talked about some guy name Captain Edward. -rolls eyes- Yeah it was real fucking fun.

Yeah then yesterday ((since its officialy July 5th..)) I did N-O-T-H-I-N-G except watch Lion King, Pocahontas, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. ((Normally I would have cried in Lion King especially when little Simba loses his father, but I was way too pissy and just wished that it would reoccur to me.)) Pocahontas got to me though, it was very quite sad and it put the only smile on my face throughout the entire day. The ending pissed me off though...if Pocahontas loved John Smith so much why doesn't she go back to London with him so he will live and come back to the village with him to live forever in happiness and peace? The REAL Pocahontas would have been cooler especially that she goes back to London with John and dies due to the diseases there.

And dinner time arrvied and I wanted some pizza bites instead of ribs. I cook 'em
and then Tom gets all mad because I'm not eatting what he made for the family..and throws them at me..it was sad because I never got to finish my dinner..but I did get an extra 2 hours of sleep.

Though later I did get to play with fire which was pretty fun. Getting to set off sparklers, smoke bombs, those cool things you throw on the ground and they pop, and then these really loud ones that just make an annoying noise and dies.

What am I doing NOW with my life?...Sadly I'm watching Mars Attacks. You KNOW your life is over when your watching this movie.

Here's to my life. -chugs down root beer-

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